Employer Hiring Programs

BzJobSites provides, two Employer Hiring programs -

1. Conventional Manner. Click Here for employment advertising info.

2. Job CompuMatcher, which is a computer program designed for employers to access our Resume Database so they can instantly examine the best matches to fit their employment requirements. Our Resume Bank accesses 90% of all resumes on the net. Click Here for Information on Accessing the Job CompuMatcher.

Job Resumes - Our Resume Database is constantly fed with new resumes at a rate of 15,000 per week and pools from the entire internet. Job Seekers can list their resume Free. We now have over 35 Million Resumes, making it America's largest Resume Bank. We cover 95% of the Fortune 1000 Companies. Click Here to enter a Resume.

Job CompuMatcher - There are currently three million specialized job openings in America which have remained unfilled because employers have difficulty in reaching these specialized unemployed workers.

The major employment websites only list the most common occupations because its where companies spend their employment advertising dollars. The Biz Career Center is now resolving the problem. We list all occupations in our Directory of Occupational Titles so Employers and Job Seekers can easily select their exact Job Title in order to receive equal exposure to the job market. This is the key component of our Job CompuMatcher Technology. Click Here for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

The Job CompuMatcher seeks key Resume information from our Resume Database of Millions of Job Seekers so Employers can be instantly presented with prospective employees to match their select requirements. The Job CompuMatcher enables Employers to select from 20 Key Components such as geographic industry areas of work, job skill levels, experience, education, etc., and it can be programmed for specific requirements. You can select short or long term career positions, part or full time, etc., to help you “Find the Right People - Right Away!”

The Job CompuMatcher is changing the way Company Employment and Human Resource departments operate because they don't need to advertise and wait for job seeker ad response. Job Seekers also don't need to continuously search employment websites and newspaper classified ads and then respond to each ad with their resume. Job Seekers and Network of Business Company Members cn access the Job CompuMatcher Free. Both Employer and Job Seeker save time and money! It's a revolutionary process but most importantly. It provides immediate Hiring Results!

The Job CompuMatcher is combined with our Live Video Technology that instantly connects prospective employees in a Live Interview which produces hiring results.

To use the Job CompuMatcher - Non Members of the Network of Business, Click Here. Job Seekers, Click Here.

The Bz Connector Program was developed by our subsidiary site - Network of Business. We use the “Bz Connector” name interchangeably with “Live Video Connector”.

Net of Bz puts the Bz in your Business when you use our Free "Live Video Connector", called the "Bz Connector".