How Employers Use the "Live Video Interviewer"

Members of the Network of Business can now post their job openings Free and can interview prospective employees using the Live Video Connector, developed by Both the Interviewer and Job Applicant can easily video connect for Unlimited Free Use. Both parties save time and money. There's No Expensive Travel and Accommodation Expenses. Video Interviewing is a Fast Way to obtain the Best Talent before the competition even sets up a date for an office interview.

Here's how Video HR Professionals prepare for the live interview:

  1. They request that a resume be sent immediately. Provide a fax number or email address.

    Check Applicant references. Check the Network of Business by searching the applicant's name to see if they have a profile page.

    Advise the applicant that you may want to conduct a Live Internet Video Interview. The applicant can be video connected by simply clicking on the Live Video Connector icon which companies can place Free on their job postings, company profile or in their ads. The job applicant doesn't have to download the LiveNetVideo and Live Video Connector software, provided the company employer has done so. The job applicant can elect to download the Free software which enables them to use our live video communication for all their business and personal use.

  2. Prepare questions in advance from the Applicant's Resume. Remember, you want to fill your job vacancy, so think of the interview as a performance. Dress professionally and wear dark clothes (whites wash out on video cameras). Set the background with bookshelves or equipment. Test out your camera with a co-worker prior to the interview.

  3. Conduct the Interview professionally. Volunteer information on the Company Benefits such as Vacations, Holidays and of course, Salary.

  4. If you are not going to hire the applicant immediately, conclude by giving a time period when they can expect to hear from you.

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